I just had an email through from BabyCentre entitled 'Your baby at 11 months'. Well, Bear is rapidly approaching one, surely he can do everything on their list? Maybe even be a little above their suggestions? I opened it feeling quite smug... then less smug. Then slightly upset for my clearly stunted child. 'If you ask your baby where his mouth is he should be able to point at it.' So, I asked him. He slapped the table whilst shouting 'gagagagag'. OK, not quite to plan, 'He'll be able to babble in short sentences...' That he does. '...that almost sound like proper language.' Erm. Maybe to a Polish person? 'Most 11 month olds can respond to simple questions by pointing at an object you've just named'. Considering he hasn't figured out how to point yet he may find this quite difficult.

Have I mentioned before that I hate the 'average age' thingy-ma-jigs? Those concerned Health Visitors who get their knickers in a twist because babies don't do everything to schedule? Bear is fine. He will point and talk and most probably walk at some point. For now, I will enjoy the gagags and the oweee noises. And the fact he can't answer back. Or ask for gingerbread men every 4 seconds. For now, he can be my little Bear, before he gets all big.