The Bear is going to turn 1 tomorrow. One whole year old. I'm slightly in shock. But am determined to celebrate. I've created a beautiful rainbow cake, 6 layers of different coloured sponge all stuck together with lashings of butter cream. Only my cakes didn't rise properly, and I ran out of butter. Once the Husbands home (brandishing the finest dairy free butter in all the land) I will sandwich the bright, flat, cake biscuits together and stick a candle in the top. Voila. Cake, done.

Tomorrow proves to be busy, photo session, soft play and a lovely family dinner. The chances are the Bear will get cross, quite probably scream and most definitely fall asleep at some inappropriate moment. Ah well, at least there will be cake. Of a sort.

So, happy birthday for tomorrow my little Bear. You're growing up too quick.