I realised today that I am officially a grown up. I am a Mother, a Wife, I even vacuum my own floor and sort lights from darks (and whites from brights and any other rhyming colour groups). I not only care for other people, but I care for them more than I care about myself. Here, is by no means a complete, list of examples why, and how, I reached adulthood.

# I talk to friends, regularly, about meals, meal planning and slow cookers.
# I get excited by my cake decorating magazine subscription.
# I get excited by the weird nozzles that come with my cake decorating magazine.
# I seriously weigh up the pros and cons between a normal mop and bucket and a steam mop.
# I look at steam mop reviews on the internet.
# I decide not to get a steam mop in-case it makes the laminate floor melt.
# I ask my parents for an acti-fry for my birthday.
# I talk, often, about fabric conditioner.
# I talk, often, about washing powder.
# Sunshine no longer means sunbathing but putting full loads of washing out on the line.
# Sunshine especially means white washes.
# Sunshine super especially means nappy washes.
# My most used phrases are 'Come on Boy', 'Beast, bed!' and 'What would you like for dinner?'
# The smell of bleach makes me happy.
# I chat to strangers.
# I think young hipster boys should pull their trousers up and stop flashing their pants.

And, lastly...

# If I don't start my day with tea I get sad, then angry, then sleepy.