A month has passed since I last wrote. A month of birthday parties, hoovering and more crafting than I care to mention. The Boy has decided that Bears nap time can no longer be used for housework or dinner preparations, oh no, this hour, this whole hour of peace is now 'craft hour'. We spend the time carefully cutting shapes out and glueing them together, so Bear can slowly, methodically, pull them all apart. I currently have a pile of assorted felt and googly eyes awaiting fixing. And a rather alarming looking blind square man leering from the top shelf of the desk, I'm not sure I like him.

The biggest news of the past few weeks is...and drum roll please...we are having another baby! That's right. Nope, not a joke. Boy has named the little Turnip 'Legart', which has a rather nice ring to it. Legart is currently 17 weeks and doing well, due on the 5th January 2014 and will hopefully stay put 'til Christmas is done and over with.